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History Of The Disability Ball

Most people have fond memories of attending a high school prom or a college formal dance.  Perhaps they were a member of a club or organization that had an annual party with dining and dancing.  But for many people with disabilities, attending such an event was only a dream, or something to be seen in movies or on TV.

Well, in 2004, Independent Resources, Inc. changed those dreams into reality by sponsoring the first Disability Ball.  The Ball brought together many different disabled communities both to have a good time and to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Because of the success of that first Ball in 2004, the Disability Ball has become an annual November event. Each year guests enjoy an evening of good food, dancing, socializing and the crowning of a King and Queen, among other activities.

Watch a brief video featuring photos of the past 14 years of the Disability Ball:

Disability Ball 14-Year History

Ball Photo Gallery

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